How to sort the pros and cons of adjustable beds? – A buyer’s guide on assessing the benefits and concerns of adjustable beds

Everything on the earth has a bright and dark side. Adjustable beds Mesaare no exception. With the optimal sleeping position in these beds, the benefits from these beds are many. However, it has its own concerns as well. The guide helps in understanding the pros and cons of buying an adjustable bed.

The PROS of adjustable beds

Pain relief

Adjustable beds are best solutions to back problems, frozen shoulders, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis. It also helps in fixing snoring problems. They are good for heart and blood circulation.

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The adjustable beds Mesaare more comfortable than the normal beds. Some even provide foot massages. They have timers to remember positions. It makes reading books, watching TV more comfortable. Working on bed also becomes easy with their adjustment options. Some adjustable beds have charging options as well.

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The split model adjustable beds offer motion isolation. They also provide the freedom of choice of comfort levels. His preference might be 12 degrees of elevation and hers may be 20 degrees. The choices can be made without disturbing the comfort level of the other partner.

Lumbar support

Usually, the adjustable beds Mesaprovide options for adjusting head and foot region. However, certain beds offer lumbar adjustments as well. These types of beds are ideal for back pain. This is because, human spine is S – shaped. With lumbar adjustment every point on the S shape can be supported.

The Cons of adjustable beds

Mattress might need to be changed

The current mattress in use may not fit in adjustable beds. This is because not all mattresses can be used on them. For instance, memory foam mattresses wear out easily when used on adjustable beds Mesaas it is designed for bends and folding.


Adjustable beds are highly expensive. Also, the warranty period is very less to these beds. Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty of just 1 or 2 years for adjustable beds. As adjustable beds have motors and other mechanical features, they are no fail – proof like conventional beds. They tend to cause failures.


The adjustable beds are heavy. Delivery of these beds is highly challenging. Also, they cannot even be wheeled around the house easily for cleaning.

Making bed

Many of the adjustable beds Mesacome with side bars. These bars are highly annoying and make it difficult to make the bed.