What are digital signage solutions?

Digital signage is the dynamic delivery of digital audio-visual content on multiple screens in various locations to distribute information such as news, route, alerts, emergency messages and commercial content. Technology is gaining importance as it allows customers, citizens, travelers, and visitors to stay informed in real-time. digital signage supplier in Singapore is available

Digital signage systems are generally composed of the following elements:

  • At least one content player or another content source such as a PC or DVD player
  • Content management system (CMS) in Web, software or hardware format
  • A broadcast network such as a dedicated Ethernet network, AV cables, a standard IP network, or even the Internet
  • Hardware (AV extenders and switches for example) or software (system-on-chip) for audio/video distribution
  • Screens and sometimes an image wall processor to combine multiple screens
  • Digital signage can be a very effective and affordable means of communication. Today, digital solutions offer many technical and presentation possibilities: video, audio, photos, HTML and Flash animation. You can view the content on multiple screens or broadcast specific items on each isolated screen. It is also possible to schedule the rotation of content at regular intervals depending on the message or the audience.

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How does digital signage work?

The digital signage supplier in Singapore  allows you to distribute, separate, manipulate and control AV content in a multi-screen network. The process is easy: connect local or remote players/sources to as many screens as needed to display video messages (same or different) simultaneously or sequentially. Connections are made using a direct cable (eg when the player is behind the screen), a LAN or WAN connection (Internet), or an AV extension network to the Internet. using a transmitter and a receiver. Depending on the solution, the content can be managed locally, using a laptop or on a web management device. When all connections have been made and the system has been configured, static and dynamic content, whether live video, TV content, RSS or HTML feeds, is displayed on the entire a point of sale, a room, an airport, a hospital or other