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Silk Screen Workshop – Oct 29

by on Oct.30, 2011, under Printmaking

Final Saturday of our two Saturday Silk Screen Workshop! Much was learned in a very short time that went by much faster than anyone expected. Everyone learned from the beginning – starting with putting 4 wooden screen bars together and learning step-by-step from then on.

All was fun and exciting – everyone said the hands-on working – ‘Tactile Learning’ I guess – was their best way of learning.

I, also learned – furnishing refreshments I thought I had selected a fine variety. Being a male, I quickly found that a lack of chocolate coated was a huge “no-no.” The next Saturday – all were chocolate and students were ecstatic 🙂

Silk Screen Workshop at Coos Art Museum classroom

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Preparing to teach Silkscreening

by on Oct.18, 2011, under Printmaking

Getting ready and preparing to teach a Silkscreening Workshop at Coos Art Museum this Saturday. So, it is ‘do-a-step’ and ‘note-it-down’ – ‘do-a-step’ and ‘note-it-down’ – etc. Then each student will have a step-by-step printout for future reference – or, scrap paper for making screen prints.

Preparations for teaching Silkscreen

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Workshop – Art as Improvisation

by on Oct.09, 2011, under Studio Stuff

Last weekend was a two-day “jumpstart the creative process” workshop at SAGE Place in Bandon with Sas Colby’s “Art As Improvisation.” It turned out to be a fun, fast-paced, and invigorating workshop with many ways to get started for the artist. There were 16 exceptional participants, all interactive and deep into the creative process – an added ‘plus’ in assisting the experimentation-bug!

To get started, we each were to select one of the many non-themed items that Sas had collected for us to choose. I chose an eroded washer with a thread tied through its hole and around the body. Once seated, we were given 5 minutes to write about the item. Some wrote journalistically while others, like me, itemized thoughts. Some were read aloud and we heard and saw how an artist can interpret so many different ways and how one’s creative direction could take off in one or another direction. A real eye opener!

Next, we did an 18×24 charcoal drawing of our item and then, we were instructed to introduce clear polymer followed by white gesso. After that it was more charcoal, pencil, and continue with artist’s choice of materials. When done we were instructed to fold and fold and fold. Finally to slice to where it would become the beginning of a book.

(more to follow)

Charcoal & Polymer 'Washer' before folds

Charcoal & Polymer on Paper to become a Book

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Studio Cleansing!

by on Oct.08, 2011, under Studio Stuff

After the 30 Parks series, I decided to take a break and get the studio back in shape. In an another word, “Cleansing!” My poor work area was down to aisles and having to clear an area each time a new project came up. So, three piles – Trash, Goodwill, and Keep! The smallest ended up being ‘Keep.’ Yes, finally, I was able to say ‘toss’ or ‘stay.’ What I thought would take about a week ended up being three weeks of cleaning and re-organizing – it had to be done! Now, it feels so refreshing and energizing to have open areas to move about and create.

mm is usually further back to the left – she wanted in the picture.

A 'Cleansed' & organized Studio

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