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Mixing the Mediums

by on Dec.29, 2011, under Collages, for Recent Art, Printmaking

I got the mood I have been after by working Silkscreen Monotype and Collage together. The view needed layering and texture that silkscreen wasn’t offering by itself. Adding ripped papers and gold leaf made the landscape breath and come alive.

“Millicoma Wetlands Fall Day” – Mixed Media 8.5×11.75 in.

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First Book

by on Dec.20, 2011, under 30 Artists 30 Parks, Non-Art Production

I can’t believe it, but I have just created and sent to the printers my 1st 40-page book! It definitely would not have occurred if it weren’t for the urging and support of our five-member critique group. After seeing my series of collages, it was their enthusiastic expression to make a book that made it happen. So, thanks Janne, Susan, Clayton, and dorothea!

Cover of 1st book

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Silkscreen Monotype

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Printmaking

Finished off a Silk Screen Monotype. I’ve been experimenting with the monotype because I haven’t done it before and like its possibilities. I’ve done Silkscreens (Serigraphy) where you make editions but didn’t even consider this other printmaking approach. What I like is the ability to do layering. If your concept doesn’t come out on your first print, you can always do more tweeking and print over the first attempt. This print, “Millicoma Wetlands 3” was done with 4-5 printings. The last layer was a thin, transparent layer of the water – it needed to be over the reflections. Oh, one clue – make sure you register the paper so you can line up with no trouble if needed to add layers.

“Millicoma Wetlands 3” - Silk Screen Monotype - 11.8x8.5 in.

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“High Tide”

by on Dec.05, 2011, under Acrylic Paintings, Collages

While traveling on Ross Inlet Road along Catching Slough to do some drawing at Millicoma Wetlands I noticed the tide was at its high. The water seemed to engulf areas not before touched. It seemed so quiet while covering the unaware dry ground with peaceful layers while reflecting the changing colors of the sky.

Once I got the line & brush work of the background, I did some collaging over them with subtle shades of tissue paper. While doing it I did the same to the water. The quiet shapes in the water are tissue paper – some are hard to see.

"High Tide" - Acrylic/Collage - 24x30 in.

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“Late Day Sun”

by on Dec.05, 2011, under Acrylic Paintings, Collages

“Late Day Sun” came about when I was returning one late afternoon from a plein air outing and while driving I was admiring a small grouping of trees & brush when all of a sudden the sun came blazing through and over the top almost blinding me. The trees sudden change to a dancing darkness and the flaring sun stuck in my mind.

"Late Day Sun" - Acrylic, Gold Leaf - 24x30 in.

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