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“101 – N-S” Completed

by on Apr.08, 2013, under Acrylic Paintings, for Recent Art

The bottom third finally came together with “painterly” surface and graphics working together and supporting the upper portion’s organization. From left to right the deep blues of the Pacific move across and gradually change to more earthy colors of the land. Graphics (lettering/signs) and the reddish “Ocean Beaches” tie in with the rest of the upper composition.

101N-Ssm“101 N-S” Acrylic/Mixed – 40×30 in.

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Coos Bay Tidal Channel

by on Jun.10, 2012, under Acrylic Paintings, Collages, for Recent Art

I was introduced to some work by English artist, David Tress and saw much of what I have been searching to get the feeling of what I was experiencing in nature. The layering of textures and extending past the picture plane was a huge reminder of how I thought of painting at an earlier age.

To experiment, I took an earlier “water” painting that had frustrated me and did the same scene but stepped further back so the composition and texture would give added strength. I feel this is a breakthrough for me – as I am lining up future works with the learned concepts.

“Coos Bay Tidal Flat” – Acrylic/Papers – 24×30 in.

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“Barn/Shed Catching”

by on May.12, 2012, under Acrylic Paintings, for Recent Art

When driving to-and-from town, I go along Catching Slough and at one point there is a very ‘used’, rusty & crusty barn across the way. I am always attracted to the rich, earthy colors existing quietly with the pastures and water. I decided to paint over an earlier ‘abstract’ piece that was based on the colors of that particular barn and make it into a landscape.

“Barn/Shed Catching Slough” – Acrylic/Mixed – 24×20 in.

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“On Going” (Ross Inlet 2) Update

by on May.08, 2012, under Acrylic Paintings, for Recent Art

More done to the previous “On Going” blog post. Almost let it get too ‘tight’ (realistic) but felt I kept the feeling of the visual moment. I’ll add a few touches (some cooler blues to fields) and leave it alone.
On to the next.

“Ross Inlet 2” – Acrylic – 20×24 in.

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Holsteins Under Tree

by on Jan.25, 2012, under Acrylic Paintings, for Recent Art

About a mile down our Ross Inlet Rd near the West Catching Bridge is an old Fir at the corner of dairy farmer Ross’ pasture. The day was a bit stormy and most of the holsteins were gathered under or near the tree – a fun sight!

“Holsteins Under Tree” – Acrylic/paper 12×12

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