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Backyard landscape South

by on Dec.22, 2014, under Oil Painting, Sketches, Uncategorized

Gradually working toward the abstract with the aid of landscape from backyard to south across neighbor’s yard and fences. Briefly, here are the steps from real to sketch to painting.

“Backyard Landscape South” - Oil - 12x12 in.

“Backyard Landscape South” – Oil – 12×12 in.

Backyard South Sketch

Backyard South Sketch

Backyard South View (Pic)

Backyard South View (Pic)

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Along Isthmus Slough

by on Aug.24, 2014, under Plein Air, Uncategorized

Oops – I skipped over an outing. After Sunset Bay and before Mingus Park we painted along Isthmus Slough near Greenacres. Like all the sloughs around here, they are the waterways for the tidewaters for the area. Isthmus is one of the longer reaching 3-4 miles toward Coquille along OR Highway 42.

For the substrate, I decided to be frugal and gessoed over an unsuccessful collage on canvas board – look closely and you will see textures of cloth and polymer medium impasto. The attraction for my setup spot was the weathered pilings. I was also taken by the “S” flow into the plane – I even lifted forward the back portion of the slough to complete the water flow from left to right. (see photo where back portion disappears)

Upon completion, I have been debating – do I like or not – too much texture? lack of point of interest? colors too mundane/more coastal gray tone? More greens?

With the painting I have added a pic from my setup spot. Also, a cropped pic of what I probably should have zeroed in on – always second guessing 🙂

“Isthmus Slough Near Greenacres” - Acrylic/mixed - 11x14 in.

“Isthmus Slough Near Greenacres” – Acrylic/mixed – 11×14 in.


Photo of my setup location

Photo of my setup location

Cropped from photo - Possible attention area

Cropped from photo – Possible attention area


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Takin’ a Break

by on Apr.18, 2013, under Uncategorized

Taking a break from blog… Spring has arrived and much has to be done around the home and studio 🙂

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Hmmm – Disappeared “Followers” ?

by on Mar.29, 2012, under Uncategorized

All of a sudden – my Blog “Followers” disappeared and I have no idea how it happened!? Must be a software glitch 🙁

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Ross Inlet Barn

by on Jan.06, 2012, under for Recent Art, Uncategorized

This other “farm” themed piece is of a slapped together barn that is almost up against Ross Inlet Road. From its south side is a fascinating angular composition with natural organic lines competing with artificial straight lines. But it was the angles with the sharp triangular building that first caught my eye.

“Ross Inlet Barn” – Silkscreen Monotype – 10×13 in.

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