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Late October at Waterfront

by on Nov.17, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air

Finished October with plein air work on the Coos Bay Waterfront boardwalk. The first was of a tugboat and pilings. Its challenge was the composition – placing the heavy weight of the pilings on the left side and counteracting with a sliver of light and darkened skies on the right.

The second small painting was done on a rainy morning with a heavy dose of grey atmosphere. This painting’s challenge was to sneak some color in and keep the calmness of the day’s beginning.

Finally, the third was of the docks and fish shack. It was more of an experiment with more texture, rhythm with pilings and water, and composing with angles.

“Sause Bros. Tug - Coos Bay” - Oil - 16x12 in.

“Sause Bros. Tug – Coos Bay” – Oil – 16×12 in.


“After Morning Rain - Coos Bay” - Oil - 7x9 in.

“After Morning Rain – Coos Bay” – Oil – 7×9 in.


“Coos Bay Waterfront” - Oil - 14x11 in.

“Coos Bay Waterfront” – Oil – 14×11 in.

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Old Pilings with Dancers

by on Oct.20, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air

A couple of weeks ago our plein air group met at a spot near Isthmus Slough. We traveled a couple of miles up the slough toward Green Acres. The location was quite void of visual stimulus with quiet waters, low tide, small forest and bushes across the way, and some shop buildings here and there.

But there was one area near the bank where once a dock had existed and the only thing left of it were some pilings with bent, rusty metal fasteners & pegs still attached. Plus, the low tide exposed a piling shaped as a pencil. How it stood baffled me. We visited the place twice and each time I did the same piling theme with one from a distance and the other closer.

“Isthmus Slough Pilings” - 18x14 in. - Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings” – 18×14 in. – Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings II” - 11x14 in. - Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings II” – 11×14 in. – Oil


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Bandon Dunes Golf Visit

by on Sep.27, 2014, under Oil Painting

Last week while doing some practicing at Bandon Dunes driving range and putting greens I thought to look around while leaving. I visited the main pro shop to do some dreaming and then headed for the parking lot for the drive home.

Exactly across the driveway of the complex is a small grassed hill (dune?) with a path winding its way to the top. At the peak was a lone small cloud on the horizon where the path disappeared. I thought, “This could be a painting…” Luckily, I had my iPhone and took some pics for future referencing.

I thought a square format would do it justice – and not too large. I chose a 12x12x 3/4 inch wrap around stretched canvas and painted with oils.

“Hill in Front of Bandon Dunes” - Oil - 12x12 in.

“Hill in Front of Bandon Dunes” – Oil – 12×12 in.

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Fog Bank Rolling In

by on Sep.21, 2014, under Oil Painting, Studio

Earlier I did a plein air of Coos Bay’s waterfront which I still need to edit before acknowledging it is finished. While packing up and getting ready to leave I noticed the scene drastically changing with the Pacific fog bank rolling in as it does in the late afternoon. I thought I would return to capture it with camera some time in the near future.

A couple of days later I returned and did some shooting with my iPhone. I found you could not dawdle for the cloud of fog moved in swiftly and certain views would be gone in a flash. Later upon viewing my collection of pics I was happy with the closeness they had with my actual views with colors and values.

“Late Afternoon Fog Bank” - Oil - 16x12 in.

“Late Afternoon Fog Bank” – Oil – 16×12 in.

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Sand and More Sand

by on Sep.12, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air

Late last week I wanted to do a small plein air of the beach dunes. After a late morning business visit at Second Street Gallery in Bandon I made an early afternoon stop at nearby Bullards Beach for a bit of painting.

Soon I was to receive a new awareness and respect for sand, wind, and blowing sand! All was not so bad in the beginning, but when ending I found sand was everywhere and any tracks I had made to get to my spot were blown away – thankfully, I didn’t wonder far from the main trail to the beach and its sand dunes & grass.

While gathering up things and returning to the parking lot I discovered my painting had a layer of sand sticking to the oil paint. I couldn’t wipe or tamp for the painting would have smeared. So, I left it with the sand coating. The more I look at it the more I appreciate remembrances of the experience.

“Bullards Beach Dunes” - Oils & Sand - 9x7 in.

“Bullards Beach Dunes” – Oils & Sand – 9×7 in.

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