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Pacific Edge One

by on Jan.13, 2015, under Oil Painting

Pacific Edge evolved from a weekend visit with friends who live on Cape Arago Highway between Basendorff Beach and Sunset Bay. Their place is along cliff’s edge above the Pacific and the day was overcast with a busy sky and constantly changing light. I did some sketches and clicked with my iPad for next day references in the studio.

“Pacific Edge 1” - Oil/Canvas - 20x16 in.

“Pacific Edge 1” – Oil/Canvas – 20×16 in.




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Using Near Home Landscape for Abstraction

by on Dec.09, 2014, under Oil Painting, Sketches, Studio

I am wanting to get away from realism and especially getting caught up doing the small ‘details’ and ‘picky’ unnecessary parts of my artwork. I thought I would look and examine the outdoors around home for composition, shapes, and the interaction of art elements. My goal is to eventually work non-objective.

This first landscape is of our backyard fence with the neighbor’s garage behind it. I was intrigued with the interaction of geometric and natural elements. I, also, steered away from the actual existing colors and experimented with the palette.


“Backyard Fence” - Oil - 12x12 in.

“Backyard Fence” – Oil – 12×12 in.


Sketch for "Backyard Fence"

Sketch for “Backyard Fence”


Photo of backyard fence area

Photo of backyard fence area

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Shore Acres Garden Pond

by on Dec.04, 2014, under Acrylic Paintings

A couple of months ago in September I was working on a 16×20 canvas with a vague idea that was ‘going no where.’ I began to see a reflective pond with many colors taking my memory to Shore Acres Garden pond as a theme. I recalled I had a couple of reference pics similar to what was developing. One was found and it assisted in creating a basic structure as far as foreground, middle and rear. Colors, textures, and structure became invented. A fun acrylic painting!

“Shore Acres Garden Pond” - Acrylic - 16x20 in.

“Shore Acres Garden Pond” – Acrylic – 16×20 in.

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Old Pilings with Dancers

by on Oct.20, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air

A couple of weeks ago our plein air group met at a spot near Isthmus Slough. We traveled a couple of miles up the slough toward Green Acres. The location was quite void of visual stimulus with quiet waters, low tide, small forest and bushes across the way, and some shop buildings here and there.

But there was one area near the bank where once a dock had existed and the only thing left of it were some pilings with bent, rusty metal fasteners & pegs still attached. Plus, the low tide exposed a piling shaped as a pencil. How it stood baffled me. We visited the place twice and each time I did the same piling theme with one from a distance and the other closer.

“Isthmus Slough Pilings” - 18x14 in. - Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings” – 18×14 in. – Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings II” - 11x14 in. - Oil

“Isthmus Slough Pilings II” – 11×14 in. – Oil


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Bandon Dunes Golf Visit

by on Sep.27, 2014, under Oil Painting

Last week while doing some practicing at Bandon Dunes driving range and putting greens I thought to look around while leaving. I visited the main pro shop to do some dreaming and then headed for the parking lot for the drive home.

Exactly across the driveway of the complex is a small grassed hill (dune?) with a path winding its way to the top. At the peak was a lone small cloud on the horizon where the path disappeared. I thought, “This could be a painting…” Luckily, I had my iPhone and took some pics for future referencing.

I thought a square format would do it justice – and not too large. I chose a 12x12x 3/4 inch wrap around stretched canvas and painted with oils.

“Hill in Front of Bandon Dunes” - Oil - 12x12 in.

“Hill in Front of Bandon Dunes” – Oil – 12×12 in.

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