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Pacific Edge One

by on Jan.13, 2015, under Oil Painting

Pacific Edge evolved from a weekend visit with friends who live on Cape Arago Highway between Basendorff Beach and Sunset Bay. Their place is along cliff’s edge above the Pacific and the day was overcast with a busy sky and constantly changing light. I did some sketches and clicked with my iPad for next day references in the studio.

“Pacific Edge 1” - Oil/Canvas - 20x16 in.

“Pacific Edge 1” – Oil/Canvas – 20×16 in.




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Shore Acres Overlook South

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air, Sketches, Studio Stuff

Last Tuesday’s plein air outing had cool and windy conditions dis-allowing for painting but prompting time for gathering reference material for studio. After gathering info at the end of Cape Arago highway, Cape Arago, I made a stop at Shore Acres for an hour or so. Today was studio work with pic and sketch off cliffs of Shore Acres looking south toward Whiskey Run. The Pacific was wide awake!

The following is a pic – a sketch – and oil painting (16×20) on stretched canvas:

“Shore Acres and South” - Oil - 16 x 20 in.

“Shore Acres and South” – Oil – 16 x 20 in.


Sketch for oil painting of Shore Acres South

Sketch for oil painting of Shore Acres South


Pic of Shore Acres looking south

Pic of Shore Acres looking south

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Sand and More Sand

by on Sep.12, 2014, under Oil Painting, Plein Air

Late last week I wanted to do a small plein air of the beach dunes. After a late morning business visit at Second Street Gallery in Bandon I made an early afternoon stop at nearby Bullards Beach for a bit of painting.

Soon I was to receive a new awareness and respect for sand, wind, and blowing sand! All was not so bad in the beginning, but when ending I found sand was everywhere and any tracks I had made to get to my spot were blown away – thankfully, I didn’t wonder far from the main trail to the beach and its sand dunes & grass.

While gathering up things and returning to the parking lot I discovered my painting had a layer of sand sticking to the oil paint. I couldn’t wipe or tamp for the painting would have smeared. So, I left it with the sand coating. The more I look at it the more I appreciate remembrances of the experience.

“Bullards Beach Dunes” - Oils & Sand - 9x7 in.

“Bullards Beach Dunes” – Oils & Sand – 9×7 in.

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Second Outing

by on Aug.14, 2014, under Acrylic Paintings, Plein Air

The location for this next week in July was the same Sunset Bay area. This time I painted with acrylic paint and zeroed in on the south side cliffs. My objective was to play the warm colors of the cliffs off of the cooler skies & waters. Secondly, a looseness (avoid detail) needed to be worked into the painting – and, as is evident I found detail during the finishing. More work is needed on this front. Finally, the composition needed to be directed toward and into the cliffs which was done with horizon line and shoreline. In my mind I felt it was about 70% done, but when I found I was painting just to be painting I stopped – it was done!

I learned acrylics dried too fast and re-thinking paint management was needed.

“Sunset Bay South Side” - Acrylic - 14x11 in.

“Sunset Bay South Side” – Acrylic – 14×11 in.

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First Plein Air at Sunset Bay

by on Aug.11, 2014, under Plein Air, Sketches

Now, on with some the outdoors and plain air. I got started in July with our local Coos Bay group at Sunset Bay State Park. The gathering meets on Tuesdays around 9-10am to 1-2pm followed by a critique of the day’s work. We gathered on the north side and everyone took off on their own for a spot to paint.

To get used to working outside, I chose to get used to working outdoors with some oil pastels before jumping in with paints. This first was piece was done to capture the roughness and changing mood of the cliffs and to activate the sky and water with a swirling wind that is always present along our beaches.

“Sunset Bay North Side” - Oil Pastel - 12x16 in.

“Sunset Bay North Side” – Oil Pastel – 12×16 in.

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